Nokia 2700 classic - Message settings

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Message settings

Select Menu > Messaging > Message settings and from the following:
General settings — to save copies of sent messages in your phone, to overwrite

old messages if the message memory becomes full, and to set up other preferences

related to messages

Text messages — to allow delivery reports, to set up message centres for SMS and

SMS e-mail, to select the type of character support, and to set up other preferences

related to text messages

Multimedia messages — to allow delivery reports, to set up the appearance of

multimedia messages, to allow the reception of multimedia messages and

advertisements, and to set up other preferences related to multimedia messages


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E-mail messages — to allow e-mail reception, to set the image size in e-mail, and

to set up other preferences related to e-mail

Service messages — to activate service messages and to set up preferences related

to service messages

7. Contacts

Select Menu > Contacts.
You can save names and phone numbers in the phone memory and SIM card memory.

In the phone memory, you can save contacts with numbers and text items. Names and

numbers saved in the SIM card memory are indicated by


To add a contact, select Names > Options > Add new contact. To add details to a

contact, ensure that the memory in use is either Phone or Phone and SIM. Select

Names, scroll to the name, and select Details > Options > Add detail.
To search for a contact, select Names, and scroll through the list of contacts or enter

the first letters of the name.
To copy a contact between the phone memory and SIM card memory, select Names,

scroll to the contact, and select Options > Copy contact. In the SIM card memory, you

can save only one phone number for each name.
To select the SIM card or phone memory for your contacts, to select how the names and

numbers in contacts are displayed, and to view the memory capacity for contacts, select

You can send and receive a person's contact information as a business card from a

compatible device that supports the vCard standard. To send a business card, select

Names, search for the contact whose information you want to send, and select

Details > Options > Send business card.

8. Call log

To view the information on your calls, messages, data, and synchronisation, select

Menu > Log and from the available options.

Note: The actual invoice for calls and services from your service provider may

vary, depending on network features, rounding off for billing, taxes, and so forth.

9. Settings


Your phone has various setting groups called profiles, which you can customise with

ringing tones for different events and environments.