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Nokia support

Check or your local Nokia website for the latest version of this

guide, additional information, downloads, and services related to your Nokia product.

Configuration settings service

Download free configuration settings such as MMS, GPRS, e-mail, and other services for

your phone model at

Nokia PC Suite

You may find PC Suite and related information on the Nokia website at


General information

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Nokia Care services

If you need to contact Nokia Care services, check the list of local Nokia

Care contact centres at


For maintenance services, check your nearest Nokia Care point at


3. Calls

Make and answer a call

To make a call, enter the phone number, including the country code and area code if

necessary. Press the call key to call the number. Scroll up to increase or down to decrease

the volume of the earpiece or headset during the phone call.
To answer an incoming call, press the call key. To reject the call without answering,

press the end key.


If available, you may select Loudsp. or Handset to use the loudspeaker or the earpiece

of the phone during a call.

Warning: Do not hold the device near your ear when the loudspeaker is in use,

because the volume may be extremely loud.

Dialling shortcuts

To assign a phone number to one of the number keys, 2 to 9, select Menu >

Contacts > Speed dials, scroll to a desired number, and select Assign. Enter the

desired phone number, or select Search and a saved contact.
To switch the speed dialling function on, select Menu > Settings > Call > Speed

dialling > On.
To make a call using speed dialling, in the standby mode, press and hold the desired

number key.

4. Write text

Text modes

To enter text (for example, when writing messages) you can use traditional or predictive

text input.